Winning at Free Internet Bingo

As someone who’s more the type to head for Las Vegas than the type to head over to a church basement for a game of bingo, I was surprised how much I enjoyed internet bingo. Last week, my friend Taylor asked me to check out an internet bingo site and find out if it’s a scam or not.

The site offers free internet bingo with real prizes, so Taylor thought that maybe it was some kind of scam. I went through the registration process, and I saw that I didn’t have to give any financial information. That’s usually a good sign. Then I started playing bingo to see how the site worked. It’s pretty funny how quickly I got hooked. I won a whole bunch of games, and then I went looking around this internet bingo site to find out how to get a prize.

After reading a whole lot of fine print, it turned out that you could trade your play money for entries into a drawing for prizes. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get any prizes, no matter how many bingo games you play. That’s okay, though, because the site’s totally free. I guess they hope that their free players will see how often and how much they win and decide to play internet bingo for cash.

I asked around, and it turns out that other than Taylor, a few of my buddies have played at this internet bingo site quite a lot, and none of them have ever won any prizes. I wonder if the site gives out prizes and my friends have been unlucky. Although the internet bingo site gives names and locations of winners, I’m skeptical. So I’ll be looking around to find out whether anyone’s actually won a prize there. In the meantime, I wouldn’t recommend wasting too much time looking for prizes from free internet bingo games.

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