Winning at Baccarat

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I’ve been looking for a baccarat winning strategy lately. There aren’t too many ways to make baccarat more profitable. You can basically choose to always bet with the dealer, always bet on your own hand, or always bet tie. The other option is to change your bet from deal to deal. If you have lots of luck, that’s a baccarat winning strategy. Otherwise, basically, your chances are always the same no matter what you do.

I was examining all these options for how to win at baccarat, but really there’s no reliable way to win more hands. The dealer hand has a slight advantage, but it’s so slight that by the time you pay the extra rakes, your average isn’t any better than if you’d bet your own hand.

That basically leaves betting strategies. I played baccarat at an online casino and I found this baccarat winning strategy – You start with a very small bet – the smallest the table allows. If you win, you bet the same again, but if you lose, you double your bet. Then, when you win again, you recoup your losses. It’s pretty neat. You don’t make loads and loads of money, and you won’t be rolling in the dough, but overall, you come out slightly ahead.

Now, if you’re using this strategy, it’s important to bet on your own hand and not the dealer’s hand, because the rake will mess you up. You can also try betting on tie, but only if you have a really big bankroll, because the doubling adds up quickly and pretty soon, you’re betting hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, since it pays better, you can increase your wager more slowly, adding only fifty percent or even less each time you increase your bets.

Try it, and you’ll see you’re a baccarat winner!

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