Video Poker Odds

Recently I was asked about the odds of several different casino games, and especially video poker odds. It struck me as interesting that video poker odds are actually quite good. In some casinos, the payout rate on video poker is as high as 97%. On some machines, when you factor in possible jackpots, you get even better video poker odds.

I was wondering why people play other games when you can get such great video poker odds, and I realized that maybe some people don’t know how to play video poker. It’s very much like five-card draw, which is one of my favorite poker games to play with my friends. There is a certain basic strategy to playing video poker, and if you play it right, your video poker odds end up being pretty great.

Unlike five-card draw, though, you can’t bluff if you don’t have a good hand when you’re playing video poker. That’s a real downside, but the video poker winnings more than make up for it when you have a good hand. If you’ve ever had a royal flush at video poker, you know that video poker pays great. Even if you haven’t, though, you know there are some nice prizes even for smaller wins.

All in all, I like video poker because it has nice odds of winning and good jackpots. It’s more fun than simple slots, because you really need to use your head and play a good strategy. I also like that you can choose if you prefer jacks-or-better, deuces wild, or a variety of other games. I really like the new power poker offered at some online casinos – you get to play a whole bunch of hands at once. It’s really fun.

If you ask me about casino games, I’d have to say that video poker is definitely a winner!

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