Video Poker Bonus Hunter Secrets

Video poker it is one of the few varieties of slot machines, where profitability of the game depends on yourself. Of course, in most of the popular video poker slot machines in the long term we shall lose. But there is one but.

This but is casino bonus. Practically all on-line casinos offer bonuses. Well and how will it help us?

Everything is very simple. Playing, for example, in Jacks or Better Video Poker using the simple strategy, you will lose 54 cents on every 100 dollars of bets.

And now let’s imagine that we have to win back a bonus. We feed 100 dollars, get another 200 dollars from the casino, but we have to make bets for $2400 before withdrawing money.

Then we make 2400 bets worth one dollar each. On average, finally we shall lose 12-13 dollars. Of course there is a chance to lose everything, but anyway, we have rather good chances. We may say we struck gold.

But not everything is that simple with Video Poker Bonus. First of all, not all casinos allow laundering bonuses, while playing video poker. Secondly, sometimes we have to make much more bets for much smaller bonus.

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