Television Ads Making No Influence in UK With On-line Spieling

Advertising is an important element of almost any business. When corresponding law was passed last September to let companies to advertise their goods and products a lot of people expected that it will influence the on-line community.

The Gambling Commission that is in the UK made a study and declared that the new process of advertising has had very very little influence on on-line spieling. There are no changes in amount of people who was playing before this legislation and are playing now.

The Commission maintains that just 8.8 percent of people in the UK that were interrogated have taken part at least in one form of on-line spieling. The result is that figure is no more no less than it was in the last year.

A great deal of people that were doing the on-line spieling were representatives of male sex with age between 18 and 44 years. The fact is that there was an enlargement from last year in the number of female sex who admitted to participate in the on-line spieling.

A lot of gamblers confessed to wide use of computers and hand held devices. For about 6.8 percent of interrogated people admit to using these devices during spieling. For about 2.3 percent of them use mobile telephones while spieling on-line.

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