Super Diamond Mine in Sun Palace Casino

Super Diamond Mine is a new RealTime Gaming 5 Reels 9-Lines Video Slot Game in Sun Palace Casino. Slot is featured by bonus game. Machine is available in download and flash version.

These old abandoned Diamond Mines still have plenty of diamonds left, but you’re going to need a pick & shovel and lots and lots of dynamite to get them out.

Once you collect enough Diamonds those old mines will be revealed. Just walk in the mine shafts and pick up the diamonds. Be careful as one wrong step will collapse the mine and end you expedition. Collect 99 Diamonds to unlock the Mine feature where you could win up to 4950 credits. The more lines and credits you play the better chance you have in the bonus round. Get ready and download this new RealTime Gaming Video Slot Game in Sun Palace Casino.

Super Diamond Mine Bonus

On every spin where a Diamonds symbol appears on the payline, a diamond is added to the Dynamite Meter. The Dynamite Meter is located on the top, right-hand side of the game. When the Dynamite Meter reaches 99, the Super Diamond Mine Bonus Game is triggered. During the bonus game, players can direct the gnome miner to explore 7 different mines by clicking on an entrance, accumulating Bonus Credits along the way! But beware… some of those old mines can be dangerous… A winning mine will award a multiple of your original bet. A losing mine will cave in and award the bonuses won up to that point, then return you to normal play.

Cascading Diamonds

When Diamonds symbols appear on a reel, they will cascade in the direction they are pointing. As they slide over each symbol, they will drop into the symbol, increasing the number of Diamonds available for Payouts! If a Diamond appears on the top payline, it will cascade down and appear with each symbol below it. For each symbol the diamond appears with, a Diamond is awarded to the Dynamite Meter. For example, if a Diamond appears on the top payline, pointing down, it will cascade and award three diamonds. If a Diamond appears on the top payline and is pointing up, it will not cascade and will award one diamond.

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