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Strategies For A Successful In Video Poker

There are some that would never dream of playing video poker in their local pub but can spend hours enjoying this game online. The game which is basically the same online as in the machine standing in the casino seem to be more attractive in the online setting. Learning to play video poker is easy and with some time and practice anyone can become good at it. The most important is to understand how the ranking of the hands works.

How to Play

The very first thing a player does is to make a bet. Once this is done the player is dealt five cards that he can keep or exchange. There is only one player playing against the dealer and the object of the game is to score the best possible hand. Every card exchange costs points and will be deducted from the final sum so a player needs to be wise when deciding whether to stop on the hand he has or to change the cards. When a player decides to hold a hand he will hopefully win the money worth of the points this particular hand scores. Sometimes there can be bonus games where a prize sum can be doubled. If a video poker machine comes with a progressive jackpot it means that the highest ranking hand will score the jackpot but there can be additional rules to this depending on the casino played in.

Ranking of Hands

The points offered the different hand can vary a bit depending on what version of video poker and the casino where it is being played. Therefore it is important to check this out before starting to play. The general ranking is always the same with the Royal Flush on top of the mountain. The Royal Flush is usually what it takes to hit a jackpot and it includes 5 cards of the same suit in consecutive order. It starts with a Ten and ends with an Ace and if a player gets this combination he is most likely very lucky and also skilled. The next best hand is the Straight Flush and this is a sequence of cards, all of the same suit. Another high paying combination is Four of a Kind which just as the name suggest is four cards of the same value and a fifth card being the highest eligible card. The Full House is a combination of three cards of one kind paired with two cards of another kind. The list continues with possible winning combinations and these should of course be studied before starting the game.

Strategies for a successful game

Video Poker is actually a game where strategy can pay off as it requires skill just as much as luck. It is important to understand what to do with a given combination of cards. The best strategy depends on what version a player is playing and with practice it becomes easier to see when to discard cards and when to hold them. There are free video poker machines online which is great for the beginner to start with. For specific strategies it is advisable to join an online gaming forum where players share their tips and experiences.

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