Slot Machine History

Slot machines are a popular and simple form of exciting entertainment with a rich history. Often fondly named as a ‘one armed bandit’, the slot machine today takes up a large portion of the casino floor.

Birth of the Slot

It is believed that the first slot machine was born in 1895 in San Francisco. The inventor, Charles Fey, then joined forces with the Mills Novelty Company in order to improve on his original idea. This collaboration produced the Mills Liberty Bell which was a heavy cast iron machine containing three spinning reels. This machine showed the symbols of playing cards on its reels and upon a win, a bell was sounded. The manufacture of the slot machines increased and different designs appeared. In addition, the Mills Novelty Company produced a lighter model that was made out of wood.

Hard Times for the Slot Machines

In the early 20th century there was much opposition to gambling in the United States. These proved to be difficult times for the slot machine and in different places around the country the slot machines were banned. It is reported that in the 1930s, with political significance, many slot machines were fated to end up in the sea.

Electronic Transformation of the Slot Machine

However, the concept of the slot machine survived. With its simple theory, the slot machine was revolutionized into an electronic model in the 1960s. This was a popular transformation and in the 1970s electronic video slot machines made their entrance to the casino floor.

Online Slot Machines

Thanks to technological development and the innovation of the Internet, the first online casinos were introduced in the mid 1990s. As one of the casino favorites, it was only natural that the slot machine would find its way to the online casino. Certain modifications were required to transform the slot into a viable form of online entertainment. It was necessary to create a method to set the slot into action rather than the insertion of a coin and pulling the handle. Although these very actions may seem to be the heart of the slot machine, an attractive and successful online slot machine game has been created. Expert software enables players to insert a virtual coin or to press a button with the mouse to begin online slot play.

Today’s online slots seem to have taken the online casino by storm. With literally hundreds of different alternatives featuring different numbers of reels and pay lines, the slots are a very popular form of online amusement. Online slot machines are available in many attractive themes and host different features such as bonus spins and scatter and wild symbols. Slots can be found online in free versions but can also be played for real money with the opportunity to win large jackpot prizes.

Although the online slot machine may have advanced a long away since Charles Fey’s original invention, all the modern slots are based on the same early and simple concept. It should also be noted that many gamers are of the belief that a casino simply would not be complete without the charisma and excitement of a slot machine.

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