Simple Jacks or Better Strategy With 99.46% Return

Jacks or Better – one of the most widely used variant of video poker. Perhaps it is the most widespread variant if you count the presence of multiline slots on the basis of this game.

Unlike majority of slots winning in video poker depends on actions of the player. In Jacks or Better there are several more or less optimum strategies of the game.

In this article I will tell about the simple strategy. Its effectiveness is 99.46%. The most optimum strategy provides 99.54%. But this strategy is called simple as it is very easy to learn it.

So, let’s start. The expression «senior card» means jack and above. The list gives the cards that should be left. The rest should be changed.

  1. 4 equal cards (for example – 4 kings or 4 twos), straight flush (five consecutive cards of the same suit), royal flush (five consecutive cards of the same suit from ace to ten).
  2. 4 cards up to royal flush. For example, we have an ace, king, queen, ten and 6 of diamonds. We leave ace, king, queen, ten. And change six.
  3. 3 equal cards, straight (5 consecutive cards), flush (5 cards of the same suit), full house (3 equal cards + pair).
  4. 4 cards up to straight flush.
  5. Two pairs.
  6. Senior pair (jacks and above).
  7. 3 cards up to royal flush.
  8. 4 cards up to flush.
  9. Small pair.
  10. 4 cards up to outside straight (straight-draw with open ends, for example, we have king, ten, jack, queen and 5, then we have outside straight: any ace and any nine will make a straight).
  11. Two senior cards of the same suit.
  12. 3 cards up to straight flush.
  13. Two senior cards of different suit (if more than two, we chose the smallest).
  14. 10/jack, 10/queen or 10/king of the same suit.
  15. Senior card.
  16. Change all.

So, going from up to down you chose one of variants of actions. You chose the cards you want to leave and press the button…

Such strategy is good that is very easy. It is easy to remember it. If you play video poker from time to time, it is worth learning it. If you wash out bonuses using the services of Jacks or Better, it is worth looking to the more advanced optimum strategy.

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