Red Dog

Red dog is a fun type of poker game that today may be played at a variety of best online casino sites.

For those who thought that red dog was rather a peculiar name for a poker game, it is interesting to note that this game is also known as ‘acey-deucey’ or ‘between the sheets’. This is known as a version of poker that is simple to play. In the game of red dog, bets are placed predicting whether or not the worth of a third card will be valued between the two cards already dealt.

Red dog basics ?

  • As is the case with other casino games, first of all a wager amount is selected and then the bet is placed.
  • After pressing on the deal button, two cards will be dealt.
  • Both cards are shown and the player now needs to decide whether or not to raise.
  • In the event that the player still believes that the third card will fall between the two dealt cards, then the player may choose to raise. In such a situation, an additional bet in the same amount of the first bet is placed.
  • Should a player choose not to raise, the ‘don’t raise’ button is pressed and the game is played according to the first wager.

Ways to win at red dog poker

  • In the event that the value of the third card dealt ranks between the original two cards, then this produces a win.
  • Should a pair appear in the first two cards and then the same type of card as the third card, the bet amount is returned in addition to winnings in the total of the bet amount multiplied by eleven.
  • If a pair is followed by a card that is not the same then the player receives the bet amount back. This is called a push.

Card rankings at red dog

It should be noted that cards suits have no relevance in the game of red dog. The value of each of the number cards is as shown on the card itself. It should be pointed out that in this game, an ace is worth 14, a king has the value of 13, a queen is worth 12 and a jack has the value of 11.

Points to note regarding the red dog game ?

  • Red dog may be played with a small minimum wager of $1.
  • It should be noted that red dog is an easy pursuit involving no skill, as this is a game of chance. All that the player has to do basically involves the betting.
  • Free red dog pursuits are available at some best online casino sites, at which players may play for pure entertainment. Alternatively players may use the free games as a tool to gain an understanding of the betting before playing for real money.
  • Although this game may not be among the top casino games, it does seem to be attracting more interest as an entertaining online pursuit.

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