Pai Gow (Tiles)

The casino version of pai gow is an entertaining card game.  Pai gow is based on an ancient Chinese domino form of entertainment.

Basics of Pai Gow …

The game of pai gow was originally played in ancient China with tiles that resembled dominos.  It is believed that in the original form of this game, tiles or dominos were divided into sets that were then distributed according to a dice roll.  Pai gow seemingly found its way into the United States together with immigrant workers from China and was then played in different forms. Today’s casino pai gow game is a combination of the old Chinese pursuit and a traditional game of poker.  It is interesting to note that in some parts of China, pai gow is still played with tiles.

Two hands at pai gow poker …

The idea in the casino version of pai gow poker is to create 2 separate hands out of the 7 cards dealt.  These 2 hands consist of 5 and 2 cards respectively.  The most important element that must be taken into account is that the larger hand has to be a stronger poker hand than the smaller hand.  This point is crucial as in the case that this rule is not adhered to, then the hand is disqualified and the game is lost.

Points to note regarding pai gow …

  • The game of pai gow poker is played with a 52 deck of cards plus a joker.  It should be noted that the joker can be used as a wild cards in certain situations only.  It may be incorporated into a hand only as part of a straight, flush or a straight flush.
  • As a first step in the game of pai gow, bets are placed.
  • The player and dealer then each receive 7 cards.
  • It should be noted that the aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s two hands.
  • Should a player manage to beat the dealer with both hands, then this provides a win.
  • Should the dealer’s hands both be stronger than the player’s hands then the game is lost.
  • Should the hand of the dealer and player appear to show a tie as they have the same value, the player loses the game.
  • If the situation arises in which the player and the dealer win one hand each, then this is considered to be a tie, known as a push.
  • As winning both hands is significant in order to produce a win for the player, it is recommended to try to make the low hand as strong as possible within the confines of it being a lower combination than the high hand.

Pai gow is a fun pursuit that combines some skill with the element of chance.  In land-based casinos, this game is usually located in a special Asian games section.  Nowadays, Internet versions of pai gow poker may be played at many of the best online casino sites.

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