Online Black Jack Strategy

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When it comes to finding the perfect online black jack strategy, there are loads of things to consider. First, you have to think about how the cards are selected. Does each round start from a fresh deck? Is there more than one deck? Can card counting really work when you’re playing online blackjack?

I was wondering about this because some friends of mine came over the other day and they were asking me what my online black jack strategy is. I had to admit that I don’t really have any special strategy beyond the baseline strategy for blackjack, and you can find that on pretty much any decent blackjack website. I mean, it’s just basic online black jack strategy to know to split a pair of aces or something like that. That’s essential whether you’re online or at a real table.

So then, I kinda wonder, is there any specific online black jack strategy? I mean can you use the fact that it’s an online casino to your benefit? Do you need to adjust your strategy for an online casino?

So I think that the main things that are different when it comes to online black jack versus casino blackjack are basically the following: First, you have more time to think about your decision – there’s no anxious dealer, and no one else at your table who will lose his/her patience. Second, you have the advantage that you have more leeway with your bets. This means you can employ betting strategies without having to move from table to table in the casino. A lot of online casinos will let you play blackjack for one dollar or for one hundred dollars at the very same table. It’s a big help if you use a betting strategy to improve your blackjack winnings.

So, in short, I haven’t yet discovered the best online black jack strategy, but I think that it might differ slightly from the strategy one would use for land-based blackjack.

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