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New Internet Gambling Petition Started to Repeal the UIGEA

A new petition has been formed and its intentions are to express the mass public desire to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, the 21st century form of prohibition. The petition will be hand delivered by a representative of Casino Gambling Web to Barney Frank in Washington, D.C.

Several gambling news reporting sites have been promoting the petition and the amount of signatures on the list is increasing at an impressive pace.

The petition to ban the UIGEA can gain mass appeal if all blogs across the Internet write about and promote it.

"As the sponsor of the petition," said Gordon Price of Casino Gambling Web, "let us explain that this is not about Internet gambling, so much as it is about the United States government taking away another one of the rights of the people."

The following is the full petition statement that participants will be signing their name to. It is written to all members of Congress...

'As an American, I am outraged to learn that Congress has passed legislation that will severely restrict my ability to have certain freedoms in my own home.

Unfair passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is clearly designed to restrict the freedoms of voters who sent you to office to represent them, and prevent us from making mature decisions about how we spend our leisure time and money.

I am further outraged to learn that the bill was added at a late hour to the Safe Port Security Bill without the ability of debate and only 15 minutes prior to a vote on a must pass bill.

It is improper for Congress to declare itself the overseer of American Morals and to enact legislation that dictates ideology instead of common sense.

The United States, in so enacting this law, has willfully violated World Trade Organization rules and the WTO has ruled against the United States on this issue, in favor of the country of Antigua. Now the European Union is considering similar action as this is seen globally as protectionism.

I urge you to use your considerable power and influence to ensure that this unfair legislation is repealed post haste, and our right to freedom is preserved.'

This is the link to the petition.

All website owners and news organizations who believe in the cause are requested to post a link to the petition on their site.


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