New Online Casino Technologies

The world of on-line casinos is continually being revamped, amended and re-designed. All sites that provide on-line casino service may be devided into three groops: bad sites, ordinary sites and great sites. But only the last ones are utilizing some of the present-day new on-line gaming technologies.

Firstly, we would like to pay your attantion on such popular trend in on-line casino technology as live dealer software. Only in use through a small part of on-line sites, the live dealer software gives you an opportunity to play on-line and watch a real person deal out your cards at the same time. A lot of people discuss this approach that helps players feel more comfortable gambling on-line and promotes the feeling that you are playing at a real casino. GPS Global and LazerWager offer great live dealer games today.

The second not less popular kind of technology used is the 3-D casino. We can’t say that this technology is new but for certain a lot of on-line casinos are drawn into it. In a 3-D on-line casino environment a player actually has a chance to ramble around the on-line casino, visit different rooms and interact with other 3-D players. For example, this software is used today by and PKR. offers a new technology. It makes possible for players to access high quality media of poker competitions through live webcasts and video blogs of many interesting events. Moreover offers TV channel line-ups, highlights, interviews, and expert opinions from several of the top Poker pro’s on the circuit. The visitors also have access to archives and tagged clips with the help their search feature.

So, we can pick out some great on-line casinos ahead of the pack when it comes to prominent environments and amusement for its players.

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  1. Says:

    Is there any casino or poker room online that use’s real chaos engines when shuffling? The
    reason I ask is every time I play at PokerRoom dot com I seem go get a lot of ‘bad beats’
    more times than winning the lottery 10 times in a row! Trouble is I play online poker as if
    I was playing with real cards, something you might do as the norm but such play just doesn’t
    cut it with the online poker scene.

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