Multiline Jacks or Better Slots

I like to play video poker, but I can be kind of a purist about it. I mean, it has to be Jacks-or-Better or Deuces Wild. Nothing else is even close. And I’m not all that sure of how I feel about multiline. I mean multiline makes it a lot like slots for me. I’ve looked around, and some casinos offer the standard 3-5 line Jacks or Better, but some of them offer as many as ten lines. It’s a little scary to have that much money riding on one draw, but then if you get a good hand to start with, it’s great to be playing ten hands at the same time.

An interesting thing is that some online casinos call it “power poker” when you play multiline video poker. I like the expression. It’s not just poker, it’s (drumroll, please) power poker. So anyway, when I first gave it a go, I thought it was strange, because it’s something that could never be played with a real deck of cards. I mean, sure video poker isn’t played with real cards, but basically video poker is five card draw, just without an opponent.

I guess that’s why they only let you win for a pair jacks or better, and not any pair. Otherwise there wouldn’t be enough of a house edge. I’ve been looking at the house edge for multiline Jacks or Better, but I think it’s the same house edge as regular Jacks or Better. It would change the odds if each hand weren’t dealt from a separate deck, but since they are, I’m fairly certain that the odds are the same as standard Jacks or Better.

Anyway, so I’m starting to get into the multiline Jacks or Better now, and the thing is, I notice I’m much more likely to go for an inside straight or a flush with only three cards, and I suspect that it’s not actually a good strategy. I’m going to have to look into it more.

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