MIT Blackjack Team. Part 3: The Classic Method

MIT Blackjack Team. Part 1: Beating the dealer

MIT Blackjack Team. Part 2: The M

The spotter sat at a blackjack table, wager in all plays the minimum wagers, and did the main request of the card counting program.

The gorilla’s task was to sit at the same table and wager, winning/losing without the advantage of the program and only distract the attantion.

The black spotter had to observe as a pack of cards became “hot” that means that the cards in the pack would be in the players’ favour and not in the dealer’s.

The BP caught secret signals and signs then would endorse to the other players and beat the casino.

This system worked well for a long time, untill the team members became careless and violate their own rules. Meanwhile, the casinos recognized the system’s effects, and start to search for them.

The casino security consultants saw them together.

Were the teams well-disciplined, and under rigid control, it would have been some years later untill they were found and banned from all the casinos.

Today sophisticated swindle is the game, which use technology in order to beat the house. The casinos know about this tactic, and in response to this they have created their own sophisticated defense systems.

With the help of the MIT blackjack team card counters we know that it is possible to win at blackjack, and on the square.

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