MIT Blackjack Team. Part 2: The M

MIT Blackjack Team. Part 1: Beating the dealer

In the 1990s an assistant professor and several students organized at MIT something like after-school club founded around the mathematics of blackjack.

The MIT blackajack team created a system around mathematics and statistics, and later the club was turned into a business which was full with investors.

Feigned casinos were set up in different places, and all aspects were scaned, and thought-out, as in a extensive mathematical study.

Psychological studies were created, both of the gamblers and of the home-worker employees, and all variables were taken into consideration.

This science was directed against the game and it’s adherents.

The MIT group were progressive in intellectual ability, and they continued to oppose the casinos in a well-considered campaign.

They realized their plans with the help of a team which consisted of four players:

1) A spotter. His duties consisted in sitting at the table and playing (often a mininum wager). But in fact a spotter was counting cards on their system.

2) The rear-spotter. This gambler was an accidental spectator whose dute was to do play. More over, he studied the cards not worse than the casino security and game overseers.

3) The gorilla. The duty of this gambler came to playing big. He mustn’t do something with the science, but his second task was to divert the attention.

4) The BP (big player). This gambler was a skilled spotter. But the difference between him and the first player is that he should have played the high stakes.

The team members pretended to be not acquanted with each other, but all of them were equiped with superior mathematical erudition, elaborately practised in their position and highly funded.

The posts were selected also for ethnic reasons. For example, the big player could be just an Arab, or Oriental who would look like a rich person who is not very skilled in the game. A white guy couldn’t be a BP.

stooges_300x225 The Three Stooges
Compulsory 25 Lines play per game
Maximum win per paid spin, other than Progressive Jackpot, is 50,000 times bet per line.

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