Martingale System as One of the Ways of Beating Roulette

Nowadays it’s not difficult to find information about Martingale betting system, but, actually, the majority of articles do not provide any information how to apply it in the game, especially when it concerns roulette. This article is more concerned on how you should use the system to make it work and how to place bets correctly.

For those who are not familiar with the Martingale system, this betting system uses mathematical approach to bets, their sizes and raising tactics. Following this system even when you lose your losses are covered with other winning bets. Unlike many other systems, here you do not need to remember exactly what to do on mathematics side as well as there’s no need to make complicated calculations in your head.

So, let’s learn how to apply this Martingale betting system. First you should start with the lowest betting amount that is permitted. Different tables have different betting sizes, so, for example, if there’s a minimal bet of $1, start your game with $1. Lowest betting amount also determines your bankroll size. You should have at least ten times more than this amount. You cannot win all the time, so prepare to the fact you will lose as well.

So, let’s imagine the lowest bet size is $5. You bet, for example, to red. If this bet wins, you bet another $5 to red again. Repeat this until the round in which you lose. This will happen sooner or later. After this double your bet, so your new bet will be $10. If this round brings you win, you win more money you have lost and have got some profit. If the round brings you loss, bet again and double your bet once more. This time your bet will be $65. When you win, go back to $5 bet and start the round again.

This system is simple and efficient. It can bring you sufficient winning, but, unfortunately, it only works for a short term period. You constantly need to raise your bet and you are covered for six consecutive losses only. This strategy is good for beginning and as the game continues, it’s recommended to try other roulette strategies and betting systems.

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