Keno Odds Internet Gambling

A lot of people ask me about online keno and keno odds. Internet gambling is, in general, a risky proposition. Every game in the casino has a built in house edge. The house edge is the percentage of wagers that the casino can expect players to lose on average.

The house edge is based on the probabilities of winning and not based on actual wins or losses. When you’re playing a game, the house edge is a good predictor of how often you’ll win or lose, but there are always outliers in every case. For example, the house edge in blackjack is 0.5%, but you may come out the winner in any one hand.

The house edge for Keno is much higher than blackjack, though. Keno’s house edge is between 4% and 66%. That’s pretty bad. Honestly, I don’t like Keno odds. Internet gambling on Keno is a good way to lose money.

According to Wikipedia “the probability of a player hitting the ‘jackpot’ 20 numbers from 20 chosen is approximately 1 in 3.5 quintillion.” Those are some pretty poor odds. The house edge isn’t as bad as all that, though, because you can win without winning the jackpot.

Some of my friends really like Keno, and there are betting systems to help mitigate your keno losses. Sometimes a good betting system can even make you a winner despite the terrible odds offered by Keno. One friend of mine consistently wins money playing Keno, but he won’t share his wagering system with anyone.

Overall, though, I play Keno the way that I play the lottery. I only use my spare pocket change on Keno. I never play Keno as my main game. Sometimes, I’ll make a few bets in a row on Keno, but usually I end up regretting it because of those terrible Keno odds.

When it comes to internet gambling, I usually only play a game of Keno at the beginning or end of a gambling session. I enjoy the chance of winning such big bucks, plus I like a game where I can choose my own numbers.

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