How to Play Craps on Line

This week, my friend Karen asked me how to play craps on line, so I explained to her that it’s really not very different from playing craps at a casino. Basically, if you want to know how to play craps on line, you need to learn the craps rules.

After that, you need to find an online casino that has craps. Almost every online casino has craps, but you should look for one that specializes in table games. A lot of online casinos are really more into slots games. If you want to play online craps, then you should really find a casino that has nice graphics for their table games.

Then you just have to sign up. You can sign up for free, or you can sign up as a real money player. I always play for free for a while at a new on line casino before I deposit any cash. Call me crazy, but I like to know how it feels.

Anyway, I told Karen that all you have to do to play craps online is to join an online casino and go into their craps games, and then you can play. Turns out Karen’s question wasn’t how to play craps on line. It was how to play craps. Usually, I’d go into all the rules of the game here on my blog, but honestly, I just don’t feel like it.

There are about a billion different online sites that explain how to play craps. I really don’t feel the need to describe, in excruciating detail, the difference between a come bet and a pass line bet. In fact, I’m not even sure if I remember the difference myself. Instead, I can suggest reading the Wikipedia guide for how to play craps, on line or otherwise.

You can find Wiki’s guide here:

Anyway, Karen, I hope you enjoy playing craps. Next time, try to make your question a little clearer, okay?

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