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How to Play Caribbean Poker

Yesterday, I was having drinks with some friends and my friend Ronnie asked how to play Caribbean Poker, so I figured I'd write up a good explanation for how to play Caribbean Poker and I'd put it up on my blog.

I figure, if Ronnie doesn't know, then probably a lot of my readers aren't clear on the rules either. I mean, Ronnie spends a good amount of time at online casinos, and he even took a casino cruise a couple of months ago. So if he's not sure how to play Caribbean Poker, then I'm sure other people could use a crash course as well.

Basically, there isn't much to do in Caribbean Poker. First, you place the ante bet. Then the dealer gives everyone five cards. He turns one of his cards over, and you look at your own hand. You can elect to bet or to fold. If you bet, you'll have to double your ante. If you fold, you lose your ante.

Hands are ranked the same way that they are in all of the standard poker games. Your hand is compared only to the dealer's hand. If your hand is better, you win. If your hand is worse, you lose your ante and your wager. If the dealer doesn't have at least A-K, then the hand is a push, and you get even money on your ante and the wager is given back.

If you have a good hand, then you get payouts:

One pair or less 1:1

Two Pair 2:1

Three of a Kind 3:1

Straight 4:1

Flush 5:1

Full House 7:1

Four of a Kind 20:1

Straight Flush 50:1

Royal Flush 100:1

That's it. It's a very simple game. There's no bluffing. The only additional thing you need to know is that Caribbean Poker tables have a progressive jackpot. For another dollar per hand, you can enter into the progressive jackpot. If your hand is a flush, a full house, four of a kind, straight flush, or a royal flush, then you'll get an extra bonus win, with a royal flush winning the full jackpot.

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