How to Win at Blackjack: The Tips

Without a doubt, blackjack occupies the leading position in the list of popular games. You can always find many people playing it in both land-based and virtual casinos. When people first look at blackjack, many think this game is very easy to play. They are right, the rules are not difficult, but winning at blackjack requires skills and applying game strategies.

Don’t be afraid – even simple and rather basic blackjack strategy can lower the house advantage to as little as 1%. This is one of the best payouts possible in casino, so we recommend following some simple guidelines mentioned in this article.

First, make sure you know blackjack rules. This doesn’t mean you’re familiar with the rules, but the fact you know and understand them in full. Don’t just stick to the rules of the basic blackjack and read about variations as well. They are also important. Today there are many gambling websites where you can find such information.

European blackjack, Spanish blackjack, blackjack switch – information about them is not useless. These games usually have difference in nuances, but such slight variations greatly affect your gaming style and strategy. If you play these games the way you usually play basic blackjack, you will never win. This is what, actually, casino wants you to do, so don’t come unprepared.

Second, learn some basic strategy for playing blackjack. Learn doesn’t mean memorize. You should not just remember it, but fell comfortable applying the strategy. Blackjack strategies are tightly connected to statistics, and if you make it you friend, you will win more often.

Playing this or that way only because you feel “a voice of intuition” is really a bad idea as such approach increases the house edge to 5%. Indeed, there are some situations when you can stop using strategy strictly. For example, a crazy amount of low cards has left in the deck. So you can use this and play low cards against low to mid cards of the dealer.

Third, tailor your game to the type of casino. In traditional land-based casino your first aim is to stay cool. These casinos try to over-stimulate and distract players. For this purpose they use noise or loud music, crowds of people, no windows and no clocks, you need to use chips, etc. As your aim is to win, try not to pay attention to atmosphere around you.

Traditional casinos do not reshuffle every hand as if they did, it would be too long. In online casinos reshuffle is made automatically after each game. If you keep track of the count, you need to play blackjack in land-based casino only. If you don’t keep the track of count, we suggest playing at online casino as this is not only more comfortable, but you can also find good deals there.

Fourth hint concerns online casinos. Do not neglect them. It’s much easier to stay calm while playing online. You can sit in your favorite armchair and prepare for the game. Also online casinos constantly offer new promotions and bonuses that are really worth your attention. All online casinos have a generous initial deposit bonus that you will never find in traditional casino. As a rule, popular online casinos have numerous tournaments, bonuses for frequent users and other nice small gifts.

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