How to play Sic Bo

The entertaining casino game Sic Bo has evolved from an ancient Chinese pursuit and has found a place for itself at many best online casino locations.

Casino Sic Bo background …

The casino version of Sic Bo is based on an old Chinese dice game.  Originally this game was played with three dice on a plate that was covered with a bowl.  The name Sic Bo means ‘dice pair’ or ‘dice bowl’ and it appears that this is how the game earned its name.  It is believed that this game was introduced to the U.S. by Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century.

Sic Bo basics …

Following the introduction of online gaming, the game of Sic Bo has been adapted for online play and may be located at many best online casino sites.  In many locations it can be found in a special section for Asian games.  Newcomers should not be put off by the table layout that may appear confusing as this is a simple game.  The main objective of the Sic Bo game is to predict the outcome of the roll of three dice.

Betting at Sic Bo …

Bets may be placed in different ways in this game.  A wager may be placed on a single number, two numbers or on a triple.  Bets can also be placed on a combination or total of numbers.  As is the case with other casino games, bets at Sic Bo are placed before play begins.

How to play Sic Bo …

Playing the Sic Bo game is simple. The first stage of playing Sic Bo is to place a bet.  First of all, the amount to be wagered is selected and then the player chooses the predicted outcome. Following this, the game starts by a touch on the roll button.  A winning sequence shows up on the screen and the credit of winnings into the player’s account takes place automatically.

A player may then play again with the same bet by pressing on the ‘repeat’ button.  Should a player wish to continue playing, but with different conditions, then a simple press on the ‘clear’ button will enable the player to select a bet as desired.  It should also be noted that there is an ‘undo’ button, should a player press the wrong button by mistake or in the case of a change of mind.

Although this is considered an easy pursuit, it is recommended to obtain a thorough insight to the game, before beginning to play.  It is important to understand the game before placing money on the table.  Newcomers to the game can benefit from free Sic Bo games that are available at many best online casino sites.  This enables a player to get a feel of the game and understand its workings before playing for real money.

Sic Bo may be considered one of the simplest games available at the best online casinos, but this has proved to offer an amusing form of entertainment that can produce attractive winnings.

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