How Much to Bet per Hand

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Deciding how much to bet on each hand is an issue that probably occupies the minds of many online casino gamers.

The relationship between bet size and house edge …

Some people may believe that should they increase the size of bets, this will provide them with a better chance of winning. This is simply just not the case. Although it may be a difficult concept for new players and other gamers to grasp, it should be noted that an increase or decrease in bet size has no effect on the house odds. Whatever the bet, the house advantage remains the same. The important point to note in this regard is that increasing the size of the bet does not increase one’s chance of winning.

Deciding the size of a bet …

Before deliberating how much to bet, the following points should be taken into consideration.

- a player’s hand potential

- the size of possible winnings

The amount to be placed on a particular hand could be swayed by the make-up of a hand and its potential related to the game. In addition, the size of the possible winnings or jackpot prize could be influential in encouraging a player to wager more or less money on a hand.

Managing bankroll and working out how much to bet …

Before deciding how much to bet per hand, the issue of bankroll should be considered. The bankroll issue is a crucial element of deciding how much to bet at a particular hand. First of all, before beginning to play for real money a player needs to arrange bankroll. The amount of money placed in one’s bankroll should be an amount that a player can afford to lose. If the player wins and leaves the casino with money in hand, then all well and good, but the player should be in a position financially to lose the bankroll amount. To put it another way, it should not be the end of the world if all the bankroll – or funds available – are lost, as this is always a possibility.

In addition to arranging bankroll, it is recommended for players to set winning and losing amounts before playing. It is then important to stick to these pre-determined levels. In this way, should a player lose a certain amount, then it is time to leave the casino for the day. In the same way, after reaching the winnings level, then the player leaves the casino with some winnings still in hand. Like it or not, deciding how much to bet on a particular hand is intertwined with one’s bankroll and pre-determined limits. Should a player wish to increase the size of bet, it is advisable to check out how much is left within the bankroll. Keeping to budget is crucial.

With regards to determining the size of the bet to be placed, the key is finding the balance between placing one’s entire bankroll on one hand and on placing such a small wager that a win is hardly meaningful.

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