Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is a game that involves both skill and luck. It is essential to perfect the skill because with perfect play the house odds for blackjack are extremely low.

The rules of blackjack vary from casino to casino and even from table to table. These variations affect not only the strategy but also the house edge. For example as the number of decks being used increase the house edge decreases. If the dealer wins ties the house edge increases tremendously. Hence the first thing you should look for is a table with minimum house edge. Unfortunately casinos do display the rules but not the house edges. Hence you should be able to determine the effect that the rules will have on the house edge. If the rules are not displayed you should not hesitate in asking the dealer. There is another advantage of selecting one table and sticking to it. You need to be concerned with the optimum strategy for only one set of rules. If you flit from table to table, each with a different set of rules, then you will have to keep changing your strategy each time. Since blackjack strategies have to be memorized, changing strategies very often leads to errors and therefore costly losses.

In blackjack the player has more options to choose from as compared to other gambling games. The player has to choose from hit, stand, split, double, surrender and insure. Apart from the rules under which the game is being played the optimum strategy depends on the player’s card values and the value of the dealer’s open card. There are many situations to begin with. And for each given situation the number of future situations is literally infinite. It for this reason that blackjack strategies cannot be worked out mentally, and definitely not worked out in real time playing. Tens of thousands of deals in computer-based simulations have led to the formulation of optimum blackjack strategy. So once you have finalized where you want to play check out the strategy appropriate for that set of rules. The strategy is usually given in the form of a table. The rows are based on all possible present card values of the player and the columns are based on all possible combinations of the dealer’s open card. The cell corresponding to the actual player’s and dealer’s card value gives the option that you must follow. These tables can be easily found on the Internet. You do your work by making the optimum moves and leave the rest to lady luck.

There is another important tip that is concerned not with strategy but with managing your bankroll. It is generally experienced, though by no means proven, that good luck and bad luck come in waves. If you have had a few bad deals you can expect some more bad deals to follow. In this circumstance it is suicidal to increase the ante and try to recover past losses. You will be throwing away good money after bad. The prudent thing to do is to lower the ante and ride off the bad wave. This way you will be able to preserve your bankroll and therefore increase the ante when the good luck wave strikes.

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