Black Jack Multiplayer Tournament

“What on Earth is a black jack multiplayer tournament?” my friend asked me the other day. I have to admit, I was stumped. Don’t get me wrong, I know what a tournament is, I know what blackjack is, I know what multiplayer means. I have to admit that multiplayer tournament seems kind of redundant, but still.

Blackjack just doesn’t seem to lend itself to tournaments. I was kind of curious as to how this could work, so dutifully, I googled “black jack multiplayer tournament,” and started reading the results. Firstly, I see that Zone4Play offers black jack multiplayer tournaments. Since its patent is pending, I’m wondering if this is going to be a trend or if it’s going to be limited to just Zone4Play.

Okay, so the multiplayer part – the games are comprised of five players who play against each other. They play against each other by trying to win the most money. And that’s all I could find out. Apparently, no one actually has black jack multiplayer tournament capabilities yet.

I thought I might be mistaken, because some sites already have tips for how to win and how to play better, but GoldenPalace was one of the sites that’s supposed to have these blackjack tournaments, and they don’t have them listed yet. I looked all over online and I couldn’t find any online blackjack tournaments. Now, I’ll admit that blackjack isn’t my favorite game, but you’d think I could find a tournament if there were one around.

Alas, I was unable to find a single site that offered online blackjack tournaments. I asked friends who were recently in Vegas and they hadn’t heard of blackjack tournaments there either – although admittedly, they’re more into poker than blackjack.

My searches were long and fruitless, so I’ll have to report to my friend that a black jack multiplayer tournament is something that will likely exist in the future and will no doubt involve blackjack, multiple players, and a tournament. To which he will no doubt reply “duh!”

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