Betting Systems

Although luck and the element of chance do have a part to play in casino gaming, many players look into the aspect of betting systems in order to increase their chances of winning.

Betting systems overview …

A betting system basically relates to a method of play; a particular technique to follow when gambling. It is of course important firstly to gain a complete insight to the game concerned. Understanding how to play the game is an essential element of the pursuit.  Once a player has learned the rules and terms of the particular casino game, some look for a suitable betting system to follow.  In general, there are believed to be three kinds of betting systems.  These three different types are positive progressive betting systems, negative progressive betting systems and insurance betting systems.

Insurance betting system

When playing by an insurance betting system, the player reduces the betting amount following a loss.  This is generally considered as a safe way to play the game.

Positive progression betting system

A player who chooses a positive progression betting system places a larger wager following each winning game or round.  One of the main advantages of playing according to such a technique is that at the start it does not require a big bankroll.

Negative progression betting system

Any player choosing a negative progression betting system should bear in mind that this does entail setting off with a larger bankroll than other methods.  In addition, players choosing to play this way are often viewed to be taking a considerable chance. In this system, the amount of money placed on a wager increases following a loss, with the intention of returning money already lost.

Money management to be taken into consideration …

There are different betting systems available for use at various casino pursuits, however, players should take into consideration that perhaps one of the most important aspects of gaming strategy is good money management.  Players of any game using any betting system will benefit from good bankroll management.  The best way to plan one’s bankroll in advance is by placing an amount of money that you can afford to lose.  Therefore, should the money be lost on gaming, there is no great disaster.  It is also wise to place a winning amount prior to playing.  In this way, once such an amount has been won, the player knows that it is time to leave the casino for the day, thereby leaving with some winnings in hand. A betting system used together with sound money management could produce a winning combination.

Players should bear in mind that all casino games incorporate an element of risk.  Even though the use of a betting system may help the player to increase chances of winning, there is certainly no 100% guarantee. It should be noted that losing does occur and should perhaps even be considered as a part of the game.  Winning betting systems should be used as a method to improve one’s chances at the game in hand.

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