Basic Craps Strategies

Recently I posted about how to play craps online, and I got responses from some friends asking me for some basic craps strategies. I had to think about it a lot. The thing about craps is that most bets have a similar house edge. The basic craps strategies are to always bet on either the “pass line” or the “don’t pass line” bet, as those give good odds. Other bets, though, make the game much more interesting.

When it comes to basic craps strategies, I would have to go with always taking the odds if you’ve played a “pass line” bet. Taking odds has a very low house edge. If you’ve played a “don’t pass line” bet, then it’s a good idea to lay odds, as that also gives you a very low house edge with good potential for winning.

On of the most important basic craps strategies is to avoid playing the “hardway” bets. These bets on getting a double before the number comes up as a non-double come with a very high house edge and are not worthwhile.

Craps is somewhat difficult to understand. For example, “place bets” and “buy bets” are similar, but they have different odds. You can choose six or eight as “big six” or “big eight” but you’ll get better odds on them as a “place bet.” Indeed some “buy bets” are also a poor bet, when compared to the “place bet” on the same number.

For example, if you want to make a bet on 4 or 10, you should use the “buy bet,” but for other numbers, the odds are better if you take a “place bet.”

Since the “horn bet” has a very high house edge, some craps experts say that it’s a better idea to wager $4 on “any craps” and $1 on 11. This gives you a better payoff and a lower house edge, with the same amount wagered on the same numbers.

Really, when you think about it, craps is quite a complex game, and good basic craps strategies will really help you come out a winner!

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