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Progressive Betting System in Roulette: Basics and Tips

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Roulette is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting and popular games. It’s widely played all over the world and there’s no wonder why this popularity has made people to try to create various betting systems. All betting systems have one aim – to increase winning odds.

Martingale system seems to be the most well-known betting system in gambling in general. However, it’s not recommended as most probably you will simply lose. If you still want to apply some betting system and increase your enjoyment, try progressive betting system.

Martingale system tells to increase your bet when you lose. Such approach can be rally costly. Opposite to it progressive betting system implies increasing your bet only when you win. With this system you can get the most from your winnings.

Here the risk stays at the same level as you risk mostly your winnings, without touching the core budget. Martingale system is mostly targeted at bankroll and you risk your own money when you play using it.

There are several progressive systems that have much in common. If you want to try one, here’s an example. Take five chips and place them on different numbers. In case you win nothing, repeat this action one more time up to the time when you hit one number. Due to roulette rules, this number will give you 30 chips profit. After this increase your bet and put 2 chips to each number. Here in case you win the profit will be as much as 60 chips.

If you lose, you will still have 20 chips for betting. Use next 10 chips to place on five numbers. In case the next spin doesn’t bring you win, use last 10 chips and then return to 1 chip per number betting. By using this system you can get a considerable win while efficiently managing losses.

Finally, while playing this game remember that roulette has a built in house edge. This means that casino has more chances to win than you, so some luck will be very useful during the game.