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Some Hints That Will Help You To Win More At Slot Machines

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Slot Machines are really popular these days and more and more people prefer slots, not table games or roulette, as a way to relax and get some entertainment. However, slot machines are also a great way to win money and progressive slots can even make you a rich person, so the following tips will be helpful in becoming more familiar with this amazing game.

1. If you’re not a slot shark, do not choose machines with high stakes. Even though they potentially give you more, you can run out of money quickly. Choose penny or nickel machines instead. As soon as you gain more experience and will be ready for bigger stakes, try high-denomination machines.

2. Today we can see tenths of new slot machines with 4 reels. It feels like if there are four reels, you have more chances to win, but that’s not true. The statistics tells completely the opposite – three reel machines are more likely to win.

3. If you play slots in real land based casino, you should know about so called "loose" slots. All slots are programmed randomly, but some slots give more that other ones. Your aim is to find this loose slot. As a rule, slots that are located in visible places like near door, on the edges and other high-traffic areas yield more.

4. Today you can find slots not only in casinos, but at public places as bus stations or pubs. These machines are not good for winning as in most cases they are "tightly" programmed. People usually try these slots to kill time and slot owners now this. Several bucks are the best you can get from these slots.

5. Slot machines frequently offer high or even enormous jackpots. Certainly, all newbies believe in own luck and try to get those lump sums. Do not think you’re the chosen one and this jackpot is waiting for you. The odd for big jackpots often is so small that you need to spend huge money in order to try to win something. Machines with small jackpots are more likely to win.

6. You cannot win every day, so don’t feel desperate when you lose and don’t use your debit/credit card to add more money thinking you will win this time and bring all money back. Let’s say, you bring $100 to play slots. If you have lost $100, do not add any money, just leave the casino. In case you’ve won a jackpot and want to play somewhat more, take all profit into another pocket, leave still $100 and continue playing.

7. Playing maximum number of coins is the best way to increase your chances to win more. Usually machines pay more depending on the number of coins you use. For example, you bet one coin and in case of win machine pays you 1,000 coins; you bet 3 coins and lucky spin will bring you 5,000 coins. Betting maximum number of coins is the best way to maximize your profits.

8. Take short breaks from time to time. Some gamblers advise to make a break after big win. If you lose, it’s time to break this session. Many players say even they have an average game session, they make breaks for an hour and then continue.

9. You may have seen in land based casino or on TV how players play several machines in a row. This means loading up several slots in order to win more. In fact, this strategy often just makes you lose your money faster.

10. As you know, casinos don’t have windows, so you don’t even know whether it’s still evening, or already morning. Loosing track of time is one of biggest reasons for losing money. Do not stick to that "ok, I’ll make several spins and then go out" thought. Always wear watches and do not exceed the time you planned to spend at slots.

stooges_300x225 The Three Stooges
Compulsory 25 Lines play per game
Maximum win per paid spin, other than Progressive Jackpot, is 50,000 times bet per line.